• 10 Shades of Summer

    July 3, 2015 | Posted By: | Architecture · Colour · Furniture · Interior Design · Trend |

    The world of fashion and ‘trend’  unveiled the new ‘Spring / Summer 2015’ colour palette and where the catwalk leads the world of Interiors follows,  all be it at a slightly more relaxed pace. Pantone has released the ten key colours for Spring / Summer 2015 which are Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Marsala and Glacier Grey.


    The colours are fairly fresh and vibrant but include options to suite everyone’s style. In the palette there are quite a few blues which work really well to create an Oriental or Mediterranean look. ‘Aquamarine’ makes a great feature colour if paired with a white background and an accent of ‘Classic Blue’ to give the room more depth and sophistication.




    For a really funky feel in a play room or kids bedroom choose ‘Scuba Blue’ which is a really vibrant turquoise. It contrasts brilliantly with ‘Tangerine’ and creates a ‘wow’ room without conforming to the stereotypical primary colours that are so often used for these rooms. Again white ceilings and woodwork can break up the colour a little if it seems a touch overpowering.





    In the new palette the colour that the Interior Design world has focused on the most is ‘Marsala’. It doesn’t feel like such a new creation as we have been specifying Farrow and Ball Brinjal, Radicchio and Mahagony for some time, all of which have a similar tone. Yet ‘Marsala’ paired with ‘Toasted Almond’ does allow you to create an earthy feel which can be enlivened with a touch of ’Tangerine’ for a more exotic look.





    ‘Strawberry Ice’ isn’t everyone’s idea of an easy or likeable interiors colour but for the more adventurous of us it works brilliantly if toned down with ‘Glacier Grey’ as an accent. Again a white backdrop can help if it is all feeling a bit candy shop.






    ‘Lucite Green’ and ‘Custard’ are great colours to use if you want to turn some tired old furniture pieces in the kitchen or garden from shabby to chic. They are also great colours to use for a play house, a shed or a garden room in order to add a little colour to the outdoors whilst we wait for the real Spring and Summer blooms to emerge.




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