Cool Garden Spaces

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Recently I have been considering moving my office and graduating into an altogether more exciting direction in a somewhat unique setting; namely The Garden! And it seems I am not the only one, as we currently find ourselves working on a number of garden studio and office rooms.

Working from home can have many distractions, and there are certainly some valuable benefits to decamping and moving to the bottom of the garden. Physically it separates your working environment to your living space, leaving your kitchen tables free for their intended purpose, and making it less likely for interruptions by family and pets.

Financially is can also add value to your property, and is certainly cheaper than renting a commercial site.

Image from The Garden Room Guide

‘Shedworking’ may not appeal to everyone, as it inevitably conjures up images of the dusty, tumble down timber hut, filled with an assortment of redundant tools and fossilised cans of paint. However, with an increasing amount of people deciding to work from home with more than 2.5 million businesses being run from home (*source:   Alex Johnson, Saturday 25 April 2009 00.01 BST) there has been a growing trend to re-invent the humble garden shed.

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From recycling an old shipping container to create a cool, fresh take on the office shed, to this DIY workshop, there are options to suit all budgets and requirements.

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And let’s face it; when the sun is beaming down in the summer months, who wouldn’t want to stroll over the lawn to their very own hideout.

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Garden rooms are not solely limited to office spaces. It could also be a useful spare room for the in-laws, and serves very well as a music studio as it would be more discreet when raising the decibels.       Other great uses could be as a private gym room, media room or a luxury den to hideout in, although larger taller spaces with bathroom and kitchens do require planning permission.


Whether you envisage a typical timber clad exterior, or lean more towards a contemporary powder coated aluminium box shape, with various options of render I recommend you contact a local architect /interior architect to discuss your ideas, and to find out more about the building regulations and planning laws involved to take you dream of a garden space to the next step.