Dream Spaces

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Bedrooms are the most private spaces in our homes so what goes in them is really quite personal .
I once  designed a bedroom that was on office  also, it took up the entire first floor of a Georgian townhouse in Kensington.  Personally I struggle to keep my working life out of my thoughts in the night time as it is without waking up and looking at what need s to be done first thing. But then  my office is seldom tidy, so this wouldn’t be what I’d like to wake up to everyday. This client however wanted his work place right next to his bed and kept it immaculate. We even had ‘Danny Lane’ the glass designer to create a bespoke desk that was screwed into the floor and needed additional steelwork in the floor void  to hold it up.
I also designed a bedroom that had a curved ceiling covered in padded linen panels with hidden lights that changed from warm white to shocking pink so you could really change the mood. This bedroom also had a chill out area with Thai style floor cushions  and electrically operated curtains controlled from the bed that revealed the most incredible view of the sea. The owners decided to add their own touches later one of which was a dancing pole!
However personal  your bedroom design is, there are still some basics that make for a comfortable place to dream.
Softness:  soft textures and  materials make you feel relaxed and comforted. I am a fan of hard surfaces on the floors downstairs but a soft carpet or rug is a great feeling to step on to barefoot.
Mood lighting: you need general lighting but also directional lights next to the bed for reading and it all needs to be dimmable.
Two way lighting: you need to be able to switch the lights from the entrance door and the bed.
Blackout and privacy blinds: any curtain fabric can have a blackout interlining attached to it, make sure the curtains or blinds are quite a bit bigger than the window reveals as light creeps around them.
Shelves beside the bed: it is quite nice to have space for a mini library or precious pictures beside your bed.
Storage: most people’s bedrooms also house their clothes.  Closets need a mix of mainly  short hanging with a small amount of long hanging for dresses and winter coats,  lots of deep drawers and shelves for shoes and bags.
Bed: a really good mattress I am a fan of the support foam mattress’s as there are no buttons and you don’t get that low patch in the middle of the bed .