Interior Finishing Touches

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I have been busy updating my website over the last few months and things have really changed since the last time I did this a whole eight years ago! Back then a website was really seen as an online portfolio that people could review your work on and once designed you could pretty much leave it alone . These days a website  is a much more  interactive tool that you can ‘easily ‘ change and update. People expect your constant opinions and conversation  through twitter, facebook, linked-in and blogging. You could spend all day doing this alone and never get any ‘real work’ done! It’s a whole new world out there. Designing the main site didn’t take that long but getting it looking just right and to work properly is what took the time. It’s getting those finishing touches sorted out that makes all the difference.



In many of my projects I am asked to design the layouts, the bathrooms, kitchens, joinery and specify the furniture and fittings and some decorative elements, but generally the client is the one that adds the final personal touches. I will often specify mirrors and decorative lighting which can really bring a hallway, dining or living room to life.  What really personalises your home though is the artwork, sculpture  and pictures that you choose and how you display them.  The obvious thing to do is to select some pictures that you like and spread them randomly throughout your house, but there are better ways to display them.

Putting three or four pictures in matching equally sized frames in a row on a shelf or a wall can look really effective. Ikea do some great black or white square frames which are quite chunky, as cheap as chips and work in rows really well.

Pictures of your family mean a lot to you but not always so much to visitors, it is quite effective to choose a single wall and make a  huge random wall of pictures on a landing or a flight of stairs that makes the personal pictures into a ‘fun wall’.

The more public rooms of the house like the living room or dining room are great places for bold artwork, really big colourful paintings will bring the room to life. If you want to get really contemporary look at You can choose some amazing scenes of beaches, woods, underwater or your own custom image and have it made to exactly fit your wall.

In kitchen’s or children’s bedrooms there are  a couple of great ways to exhibit your children’s artwork. You can buy Magnetic  paint online which acts as  an undercoat that you simply paint over in whatever colour you like and then you can attach pictures with magnets anywhere on the wall. Alternatively if you feel you have your own budding artists in house then  get some blackboard paint and make a whole blackboard wall. View it as your families own low tech ‘interactive wall’ that is a whole lot easier to update than your website.