New Interior Designers fabric collections

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There are some interesting trends appearing right now in the fabric showrooms: sexy looks, bold looks and a whole lot of stripes.

The florals and traditional styles of last year seem to have disappeared and been replaced by three distinct groups.


Super shiny curtains and cushions are back. Think ‘Candy and Candy’ and you get the impression. This look works really well in dark sumptuous colours: deep claret reds, pewter and black.  In a bedroom you can work this look best as you are generally there to sleep so dark colours are a good option and very ‘sexy’. Technological advances in manufacturing have created some amazing 3d fabrics. You need to get professional advice before plunging into specifying them for your home furnishings, particularly curtains as they may not hang quite as you expect, but if you get it right they make for a truly individual look. These fabrics with discs hanging from them or 3d creased surfaces are great for accents such as cushions and throws. Take a look at the JAB Red Desire collection for inspiration.


These fabrics are really brave geometric prints which would work well with a super slick modern interior or equally with shabby chic hand white painted furniture. Mixing up some of the fun bold printed fabrics with a black or white background works really well. Beware though too many combinations could look really over the top and might make you feel a little queasy.  Black and white are also the least forgiving colours for young children or pet hair so probably not the best option in a family home.


Stripes have been in fashion for a while now but there are some really great fresh colours around for summer. The new stripes tend to be quite randomly spaced with lots of colours for a ‘Missoni  style’  look. They work really well on chairs and sofas if you pair them with a plain base colour. For example a boxed loose settee seat may have a pink, green and claret striped top and the fabric that makes the surround of the cushion is plain claret. Also a dining chair may have a striped seat and front and a plain back. Outdoor fabrics have really taken off as more of us are buying rattan settees, daybeds and arm chairs for our gardens. You can get some great coloured outdoor  striped fabrics  from JAB Chivasso Anyplace range . The range also includes  some great bright coloured plain fabrics to mix and match with scatter cushions. There are also  3d stripes around with sewn in folds that create stunning roman blinds or cushions with a great surface texture that will look great under focused lighting.