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I once had a dream of a natural pool in my back garden or should I call it a lake. Unfortunately as yet my back garden has never seemed quite big enough. The concept is a great one though, no nasty chemicals just swimming on sunny days with a little bit of nature and perhaps a few bugs and fish.


If you don’t happen to have a 10 acre plot which I guess is all of London, there  are some alternatives. A company called Clearwater Revival design chemical free indoor and outdoor pools.

These pools consist of a swimming area and a ‘regeneration area’. The swimming area could even be a traditional box rectangle shaped pool, it will look the same as a conventional pool but the water will be untainted and far more pleasant to swim in. The regeneration area of the pool is often contained within a separate miniature pool and is responsible for cleaning, filtering and oxygenating the water that passes through here.

The plants that grow in the cleaning area could include reeds, cattails, water lillie’s or any other native plant that acts as a filter. Any animals or bugs will most likely be attracted to this area for its plant life, but these in turn will control any pest issues such as mosquitoes from laying their larvae into the water. Plants also serve you by consuming nutrients that could otherwise begin forming. However mosquitoes won’t be a problem if you circulate the water using a water pump that can be charged by solar energy. This in turn will clean, oxygenate and circulate the water.

The two zones or levels also create a deep end and a shallow end  to the pool which offers great functionality  as some people can,  sit and chat or relax in the shallow end whilst others swim in the deep end and the different levels create a really interesting architectural feature.

If this is still on rather too large a scale for your plot then bringing in a landscaper to dig a jacuzzi into the ground so that it is flush and adding some weathered stone and surrounding it with lots of green texture and planting will create a little bit of nature in your back garden. The jacuzzi  can be heated by a wood burner which makes it more environmentally friendly and gives another heat source which could suit our British summertime!