Under The Stairs

August 25, 2016 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

Thank goodness the signs of summer have finally arrived  and London is having a heatwave. With the long summer days, perhaps it is time to get your house ‘ship shape’ ready for the autumn months when we will be moving back indoors. We all have those scary places in the house where things get dumped and forgotten.  A classic hiding place that can be targeted is the space under the stairs. Ours houses a rather awkward cupboard stuffed with Scooters, hoovers and boxes that haven’t been opened since we moved in.

A very common use for this space is a ground floor WC. They can be dark and awkward. But with some interesting lighting, contemporary light walls and clever space management a quirky, unique room can be created. See this clever sink / WC combo that uses very little floor space but makes the maximum use of the area with the best head height and looks quite stylish too.

If storage is what you are desperate for then there are ways to make the most of it. These pull out doors with compartments specifically designed for coats, hats or shows, maximize the use of the space, look really slick and become part of the natural architecture of the hall. Add some led strip lights inside on a movement sensor and nothing will get lost inside and the effect is stunning.

This design creates a dedicated  area for reading; with bookshelves above a built in seating area and cunningly designed storage that looks like walls with skirtings attached. A kind of cosy cave.

If your stairs are open plan to the kitchen area then they can provide either an interesting feature wall or really useful additional kitchen storage.

A built in bar area can be fun fitted into in a tight space. It makes a really individual feature and if you add mirrored backs to the shelf and serving area this gives a glamorous touch, highlights the shape of the stair and reflects light back into the room.

If  you are short of a room in the house then this under stair space can be adapted to make an extra one. This office area would otherwise be taking up useful bedroom or living space. Snuck in under the stairs is a compact study with stationery drawers, filing, shelving and plenty of work space.  Although it is probably only really suitable for the super tidy, modern, paper free worker who is not in need of a spring clean anyway!