Whats hot in kitchen design

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Planning a new kitchen,  well there’s lots to consider: the style, the layout and the gadgets!


I have designed  custom made wood and painted kitchens when a more traditional look is required, these look great in Victorian or Georgian  houses and old country homes ( or both for those lucky ones of us with a second home) . If this is the style that you want then you really need to have it designed individually and made by a traditional joiner. Some of the high street shops sell ‘shaker style’ kitchens but they don’t have the same solid feel about them that you get from real panelled doors set into a solid carcase. Aga’s look stunning in this style of kitchen but do take a bit of getting used to. They have different temperature ranges in the separate ovens for different types of cooking. You can get combination Aga’s now that combine electric and gas cooking which are great or the other option is to include a fan assisted oven somewhere else in the kitchen. A traditional granite worktop works best with this style of kitchen, wood worktops look good but are not really long lasting although a beech breadboard built in to an island looks great and is really practical. Another great feature for a traditional kitchen is a built in larder. This has double doors with storage shelves set into the doors for jars and a wooden worktop inside for cutting and storing bread and drawers below for vegetables , they look like a lovely old country dresser and are really practical.


The latest style right now is the handle less kitchen, they look super slick and fit really well into a modern home or a house where you want a mix of old and new. For this kitchen to look its best all the appliances must be integrated.  If you can’t live without an icemaker there are now flush fully integrated American style fridge freezers where all you will see is the ice maker on the door front or integrated fridges with the ice maker inside (all at a price though!) Induction hobs look great in a contemporary kitchen and they work amazingly (better than gas!) and are really easy to clean. The only draw back is that you may need a new set of pans as they must  have a magnetic base. A quooker is another great gadget for this style of kitchen. This is a boiling water tap that replaces the kettle so there’s no fussy gadgets or cables on the worktop to spoil your minimalist lines. Finally no modern kitchen is complete without a wine cooler. You can have  only one, or up to 6 temperature zone options.  Some people use this fridge more for storage or others like me need plenty of chilled white available at 5 degrees for  those wine o’clock moments.



I have been lucky enough to design a kitchen for a rather gorgeous  actor who now spends more of his time in LA than London. He wanted something really original for his loft apartment.  I  decided since he was away a lot I could have  a bespoke kitchen made and then pour a concrete worktop on site. The final kitchen looked amazing but the process was not for the faint hearted. It involved shuttering the top with plywood and then pouring the concrete. The concrete needed about a week to set and then  the shuttering could be  removed.  Finally  the top is ground and sanded so that it is perfectly smooth and you can see the aggregate on the surface. You do not want to be around when this is going on as the dust is horrendous. But hey it looks great and makes a really practical work top.

There was a golden rule in kitchen design which you were to adhere to in order that the design was ergonomically sound. This was that there should be a work surface on three sides, and if you drew a triangle joining all the appliances together it  should not measure more than 6 metres in total . These days we tend to knock down walls and integrate the kitchen with the rest of the ground floor living space so islands and peninsulas are more in fashion. I definitely prefer this layout as it is much nicer to look at your friend sat opposite with a lovely glass of wine than at a boring old brick wall!